Darul Salaam is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Old Town Mombasa. Our primary objective is to see the community empowered to reject vices such as drug and substance abuse.


Empowering the community with life-transforming knowledge and skills.


To see an empowered community ready and able to reject vice.

Core Values
  • God-Centered
  • Relationship Focused
  • Culturally Relevant and Respectful
  • Self-Replicating, Community Based Outreach System
  • Simple and Sustainable

Light of Life Library

A library stocked with over 8000 books in different subjects. The book collection opens the community to a wealth of knowledge from various corners of the world.

The library also acts as a community center and hosts discussions, youth forums, and debates on various subjects. In partnership with more than 20 community Based Organizations, various youth forums are hosted at the library.

Moreover, the library as a community center allows for a cross-cultural experience as people from various cultures and ethnicities converge and get to know each other. From time to time, the library hosts inter-cultural communication students from various universities around the world.


    +254 742 917263


    Jahazi House
    Ndia Kuu, Kibokoni, Mombasa


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